Thursday, April 8, 2010

Authenticity ~ Finding Flow

The sun shines on a beautiful day here in northeastern New Mexico.... though inside my hands are stiff with the cold.

Today is typical New Mexican spring time... cold in the shadows and warm in the sun. So, as it is a magical day and upstairs Suite B's porch is warm and sunny, I'll move outside to warm up these flying fingers.

Mucho better!

I'm feeling rejuvenated after a mini-holiday with my love (he's on Spring break this week) spent at Heart's Desire B&B in Raton New Mexico.

We stayed in the Victorian room for two days and had a wonderful time. Barbara Riley is the owner and hostess at this most cozy & charming inn. We highly recommend it to all who travel though the area.

Friday evening is the reception for The 4th Annual Ralph Solano Memorial Photography Show. Photographers, artists and the public will be on hand to congratulate the award winners as they are announced during the event. I'm looking forward to being there and to seeing who takes home what award. The show has a strong mix of images which gurantees that everyone will find something to enjoy. I encourage you to plan on being there to mingle and support the arts in our region.

Saturday the West Gallery in Studio C will transform into a photography studio as Tim Keller brings in a client who has commissioned some portraits. I'm thrilled to see the space being used in so many different ways to support the arts and artists in our community. If you are interested in booking an event at Studio C send an email to and we can work it out.

Sunday is another exciting event: our second Open House for Guest Vendors. Come by from noon to four to see what we have in addition to our regular art & crafts. Margaret, Nicole & Marsha are looking forward to sharing their wares with you. We might have a couple more vendors show up so do stop by for a visit.



P.S. About the photograph: A pastel I did several years ago to help promote the Art & the Volcano project which partnered The Mandala Center, Capulin Volcano National Monument and the Des Moines Schools.

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Tim said...

I love your pastel of the volcano! So original, expressive, and colorful! More of your art in the blog!