Friday, April 30, 2010

It's spring inside the gallery here at Studio C... looking like another chilly winter day outside.

This week we have freshly roasted great coffee beans so I'm looking forward to seeing local customers come in to take advantage of the opportunity to buy organic fair trade whole beans here in Des Moines, New Mexico.

I had a lovely first Live @ Studio C! event last Saturday. It was an intimate gathering with almost everyone sharing something during the open mike. I want to thank Katherine Engel especially for her spotlight appearance and to Tim Keller for reading from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment, compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click, edited by Mrs. Charles E. (Nita) Leierer. We welcomed new guests Rosalie and Steve who joined Lori in bringing the evening to fruition. Thank you all for supporting this event. Our next Live @ Studio C! will be on May 29th. Details to come soon. Now June's event, on June 26th, will feature Jim Irwin reading from his memoir: Eighty years in New Mexico. I met Jim through my friends Tom & Jan who suggested him as a good match for the Live @ Studio C! event. Jim grew up in the small town of Mt. Dora east of here. He's lived a long, happy, rich life and he loves to talk about it. I'm happy to highlight local history as experienced by Jim. Be sure to mark your calendars for this date and join in the fun. Bring a friend and if you like, something to contribute to the open mike portion of the show.

You may have noticed that I've been noting local events in many of my blogs past, and I love doing that however, it has occurred to me that I need to focus on what is going on here at Studio C! I'm going to be investing more of my time and energy to the gallery in the upcoming months although there are still a couple of obligations I have which will get time and energy for a while. It feels right to be editing my task list in this way.

I've been working on a website finally.... Mike has worked to create the frame work and get me up to speed on the development. I've got to flesh out the site and this will require regular work-sessions. I hope to go live with the site this summer. Will keep you posted as it takes form.

I'm also hanging works I've created in the galleries. The photograph for today is a detail from a piece I call Ode to Frida ~ For Joyful Dancing.

And probably most importantly I have to get the class schedule for Summer Art! set and publish the information so that we'll have a summer full of great art and creativity flowing around here. So that brings me to a close here at the blog today! You can guess what I'm moving on to next.

Be Well and Happy!


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