Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Packrats, Routers, & Resistance

Tonight I am home for a few extra hours, a much needed respite in the 12 & 1/2 hour shift schedule which will continue for two more days as I have been called in to cover the next shift due to family illness. I will send my prayers for healing and wellness in my coworker's path.

Tired, but trying to make my upcoming anniversary celebration with Tim exceed expectations, I headed out to the wood shop. Sated with a wonderful dinner of fried catfish, brown rice, fresh garden spinach, and tomato wedges with the spectacular blue cheese dressing prepared by Tim for this welcome dinner together, I set up the router. I had a feeling that something was not quite right... but rather than enlist Tim's advise for this gift for him, and having mastered the use of a router years ago, I continued on, until the routing failed, though the router continued to run... Then the router began to shake violently with more power than I could control and get one hand free to flip the power switch off.... Frightened now, with no emergency off and fighting to keep from routing myself, blue electrical sparks began to arc at the bit! Overwhelmed and in classic flight or fight response I flung the router to the floor, where it crashed, continued to rout the air and yanked the power cord. Adrenaline response. Router bit now too hot to fit in its sleeve and me shaking too much to continue I headed into the house. Tim offered that I was too tired to even have begun working with a power tool and that he was worried as soon as he heard the sound. He was glad I was not hurt and was not expecting an anniversary gift beyond our plan to stay home to cook a gourmet meal together. So, did I rout for nothing? Am I resisting my fatigue? Denying my best health for the making of art?

In deference to my shaking hands and minor shock my project has stalled. I am headed off to bed perchance to dream.... though I have been so deeply tired these last 2 weeks that I do not remember my dreams and my alarms wake me from deepest sleep.

I share with you with images of the little pack rat we chased out of our camp kitchen... and a nest it had created.

What purpose does this nest serve? Art for rodent interiors?

Too beautiful to simply burn, I snapped the shot before we used it for fire tinder in our concerns for the dreaded "Hanta" virus.

Isn't it odd that our culture slowly but surely is being frightened away from all contact with Nature and foreign cultures even as the world goes global and our environment stands perilously close to ruin?

I leave you with two questions:
What is Sacred to you?
What frightens you?

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