Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Recovering Flow

Wow! What a loaded last 36 hours! Yesterday's alarm was the 911 line ringing... was not called out until crew short driver... on 6 hours of sleep I made the 4 hour trip with a medical pt. Home at noon with no energy left... the day shot, shared with the ghost of a headache. I felt lost.

Today I woke after 11 hours of sleep just before my alarm sounded. Had to work to recover the inspiration I had planned for Tuesday's pre 911 day: am pages brought me back into flow!

Rode my bike through vivid midday blue skies embellished with perfect white billows of cloud. Thinking through my goals for this blog... wanting it to be something more than vanity fare for the ego.

Art! Art is my manna. New studio classroom space is in progress by Louie... my studio now has water, just need to turn input on downstairs after getting the key on Friday.

Wow! My dreaming leads me into reality. Time to make class schedules and menus of services... time to get the business ducks in a row! And, thus the ducky... made collaboratively by two sisters... 6yr old directing 14 yr old in shaping, her vision clear, vivid. The result brilliant yellow above!

Today was perfect with time in the garden and fabulous lasagna dinner by Tim. My flow be strong and clear!

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