Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Running Into the Picture

Friends join us for dinner and camaraderie this evening... the house got cleaned and all the stops were pulled out! Fresh Harry & David Royal Riviera pears gifted to us from Linda & her mom, her friend, Cathy added a luxurious touch.

A joy to see the two of them planning tomorrow's drive... like friends, not like parent & child. A discovery to note Linda's mom is a scientist as was her dad. Linda is an engineer... runs in the family!

We enjoyed Tim's expert hand in the kitchen: bison burgers, fresh garden salad with his spectacular blue cheese dressing, and baked french fries. Stuffed, we took a break from eating while I made a desert of crepes with an orange & apricot sauce with a half each of the pears Linda and Cathy brought topped off with a chocolate of choice just in from Mom's mailing to Tim. This we finished off with hot chocolate and mint tea.

We were sated as we set up a photo... timer on Cathy's new digital camera called for ingenuity! I set up an improvised "tripod" to be sure we were all in the photo. Our camera took two also. When those get developed I'll post it... till then, I think fondly on running into the picture back in Chichi when Tim and I were making our farewells to Posada del Arco... Life is Beautiful! It is late... or early, and dreamtime calls:

To bed, perchance to dream. Bon Voyage Linda & Cathy... thanks for the wonderful visit!

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