Friday, August 26, 2005

Recovery & Reunions

Tonight I keep it simple.

Zucchini appear from every garden: Nature’s abundant harvest appears on every counter... keeps coming: breads, sauté’s, and bakes… plenty more for compresses, salads, facials, and decorative array. Inside the lush plant: a womb-like vortex of still flowering, just forming, fully developed fruit in many stages of various degrees of maturity… much like the inside of the hen we accidentally butchered a few weeks ago. It was miraculous to see the egg-creation biomechanics even as we lamented our mistake: combs do not a rooster make!

I was thunderstruck by the sudden realization that our modern medicine continues to disservice the study of female anatomy. We are different. Beyond compare. Our bodies are sacred places of creation; capable of bringing life forth when conditions are perfect to raise a healthy family on a healthy planet, in a healthy society. But we are constrained in a paradigm where one can bring forth life into a hellish reality simply because the womb does not stop once it starts. Have we forgotten our hearts and souls and minds are the keys by which the Great Spirit & Mother Earth in Divine Understanding have given us ability to bring forth Humanity in Harmony? I think not. But we must struggle to remain the keepers of the Gates of Life. We must remember it is our choice, our life, our children's lives we stand resolute to defend their beginnings.

Our war mongering society, our contentious world, our violent state of current affairs is an abomination to Our Truth: We are meant to Live lives of Joyful Respect, Honorable Discovery, and True Learning in Sharing. We have not even begun to realize our potential growth.

Those who righteously call out for murder, deceit, and destruction will find their actions returned and compounded 100Fold upon themselves and their organizations. It is the Universal Law of Responsibility. You ARE responsible for all your actions. Let them be right and just. Let them honor the diversity that our miraculous planet presents.

Love is the only way. Action that is right minded, just, and compassionate must become our carefully deciphered Path. Let us gather together in reunions of Laughter and Happiness. Let us be willful in action that brings justice into reality.

Magic is alive. GOD Lives! Blessed Be!

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